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Moto Vamp are...

Lily Marlene

vocals, rhythm guitar

Jared 'Lightning Fingers' Fisher

lead guitar, backing vocals 

James Meynell

bass guitar, backing vocals

JD Kickdrum



A new sound in music recapturing the spirit of 1960s and 70s rock 'n' roll. 

'Singer, Lily Marlene is a rock 'n' roll goddess' - Cosmo Landesman, The Sunday Times

'These cats boast a style that harks back to proto punk meeting glam infused 1970’s punk.' - Heatwave Magazine

A beautiful, raw sounding band - Music News


Moto Vamp are a female fronted group playing an original mix of proto-punk, garage and glam rock. They were formed in London in late 2015 by USA/UK blues-punk siren, Lily Marlene and punk rock drummer, JD Kickdrum, who shared a passion for rock music, motorcycles, biker flicks and muscle cars. Striving to create a heavy and primal sound, they initiated the effortlessly cool Jared 'Lightning Fingers' Fisher on fuzzed out, psychedelic lead guitar and the garage rock stylings of James Meynell (Soho Garage / Soho Radio) on the bass. The songs are thoughtful, conceptual and emotionally charged, with a sound that is psychedelic and sinister in spirit. Though taking their inspiration from rock music and popular culture of the past, Moto Vamp are far from your typical garage rock or punk band. They are energetic, bold and highly authentic.

Playing all original material written by front-woman, Lily Marlene. Moto Vamp are the modern day musical lovechild of MC5, The Stooges, Black Sabbath, T-Rex, Patti Smith and Roky Erikson. For the past three years, Moto Vamp have been playing locally in the UK.


Their eponymous debut album is available 19th February 2019 and they are making plans to tour Europe and the festival circuit. Look out for their live performances in a city near you and suscribe to the mailing list for more updates. 


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